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Dr. Mohsen Moghadami

The estimated life expectancy in the city of Shiraz University of Medical Sciences in 1390 according to sex and place of residence


Dr. Mohsen Moghadami

Improving registration of new cases of cancer in Shiraz University of Medical Sciences in 1390



Dr. Mohamadhadi Imanieh

A survey on the effect of intervention on improving of 1-59 months child mortality surveillance in fars province


Dr. Mohamadhadi Imanieh

Survey on child mortality rate and causes in fars province 2011


Dr. Mohamadhadi Imanieh

A comparative study of service provided indicators in anesthesia (by intensivit rounds) and surgical ICU at Nemazi hospital of the shiraz university of medical sciences;2011


Dr. Mahmood Haghighat

The relationship between social determinants of health and breast feeding in fars province


Dr. Fariba  Moradi

Age-specific fertility rates for under 18 and over 35 years in the province in 1390



Dr. Mehrzade Lotfi

Prevalence of tobacco smoking in individuals over 13 years of age in fars


Dr. Hossein faramarzi

Assesment traffic and non-traffic accidents province in terms of social determinants in 1390 year


Dr. Mehrzade Lotfi

Assesment evaluation of health spending share of household spending on non-food basket of households in urban and rural areas of Fars province


Dr.Mehrzade Lotfi

Exploring the equity in access to physician services and related factors in families living in fars province; 2012


Dr. Leila Malekmakan

Assessment of some social determinants of receiving mother and child healthcare services


Dr. Mohamadreza Heidari

Relationship between malnutritrion in under 6 children and Social determinants of health


Dr. Mohsen Moghadami

Trend analysis of maternal mortality rate and its causes in fats province from 1381 to 1391


Dr. Alireza Mirahmadi zadeh

Assessment survey on healthy restroom and wastewater accessibility on Fars province, 2012


Dr. Alireza Mirahmadi zadeh

Assessment survey drink water on Fars province, 2012


Dr.  Maryam Kassraian

A survey on the prevalence of  low birth weight and its relationship whit Social determinants of health in the cities covered by shiraz university of medical sciences in 1391


Dr. Seied Mostajab razavi

Assessment the effect of interventions on the correction of neonatal mortality statistics that recorded in the relevant information recourses in Fars procvince


Dr. Gholamreza Hatam

Assessment the quality of drinking water sources and distribution network in the province



Dr. Ramin  Afshare

Survey about benefit from the services of addiction treatmant


Farahnaz  Foladband

Assessment the consider how to benefit from primary care community health at the University of Medical Sciences


Dr. Seied Moohamad Kassaie

Assessment the effect of the upgrade process, record the frequency of cardiovascular death from cardiovascular causes of death in the province in the years 1390 to 1395


Dr. Mohamadreza Karimi

Nutrition, physical activity and tobacco consumption among population of 15-65 years of fars province in 1391 and its related factors


Dr. Aboolfazl Hashemi

Evaluation of equity in distribution of medical equipments in hospitals affiliated to the shiraz university of medical sciences 1385 to 1390


Ehsan  Goraki

Evaluation of effective factors on health electronic services usage in the public medical centers of shiraz - 1391


Dr. Zahra Kavosi

Causes of risky behaviors in traffic accidents in Iran and presenting the solutions for improving the behaviors to reduce them


Azeimeh Ghorbaninan

Distribution of Emergency Medical services (Pre hospital care) in Fars provincial by use of Gini Coefficient and its relationship whit Time of Arrived EMS to patient in 2001-2011


Dr. Hamideh Mahdaviazad

Assessment of Social determinants affect mean age of marriage in men and women in Fars province in 1392


Dr. Leila Malekmakan

Survey on the Effect of Organizational Commitment and its Dimensions on the Relationship between Social Capital and Intellectual Involvement of Employees by the Use of structural Equation Modeling


Dr. Hamideh Mahdaviazad

A comparative study of performance indicators and Acute Physiology and Chronic Health Evaluation II in Intensive care unit at Nemazi hospital of the Shiraz University of Medical Sciences, 2013.

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